• Up to 100 processes per user
  • Early access to the latest features
  • Priority support

Use your Chrono-associated email to make the purchase, your account will be upgraded shortly afterward. If another email is used by mistake, simply contact us to remedy it.

Up to 100 processes per user

With Chrono’s unlimited login sessions feature, you can share your account within your team, family, among your friends, or with basically anyone. Local process repository will not be affected by remote login sessions.

Early access to the latest features

We welcome and encourage our dear users to give us feedback on Chrono in order to make it more useful, powerful and stylish. With a premium license, you will join the users whom came up with the ideas to have early access to these community-driven features.

Priority support

Scarce support resources will be allocated to premium users first. Supports include customer inquiry on our products and services, technical consultation on your automation transformation journey, or any question regarding automation.