• Uninterrupted experience
  • Up to 15 processes per user
  • Exclusive features

Chrono is a process automation tool that frees people’s time from repetitive tasks, with its 1-click record & play features.

To record, simply press the record button on the top right of Chrono dashboard, then go on to do your task, it will record your mouse clicks, scrolls & keystrokes. Press ‘Esc’ key to finish recording. In touch mode which can be enable/ disable in settings, with a touchscreen, touches are recorded instead.

To replay, simply select a process & press the play button, Chrono will re-perform your actions.

Processes are stored locally to protect user privacy.

Use your Chrono account email to make the purchase, your account will be upgraded shortly afterward. If another email is used by mistake, simply contact us to remedy it.