Remote Work Policy


This document contains the terms and conditions for working remotely. It should act as a guide for both management and the employee and must be acknowledged by the employee that they read through and understood the details herein.

Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility

An employee may be eligible to work remotely if their duties can be met through basic hardware and software, they’ve proven to be trustworthy, disciplined, and self-motivated, and have been given permission by the company.

2. Rules and other company policies

While working remotely, employees must adhere to all the conditions in the Employee Handbook. All company policies around conduct, confidentiality, sick leave, etc., continue to apply, regardless of location.

Disciplinary actions will follow policy transgressions of any kind.

3. Work expectations

Employees must follow the work schedules provided to them, be sure to meet deadlines, uphold high-quality standards, and submit daily reports. And while some flexibility is allowed, the employee must agree to work set hours as much as possible, five days a week.

Tools will be made available to employees for managing time and tasks, communicating with co-workers, logging and tracking projects, and accessing resources.

Performance will be measured weekly, focusing on the same metrics that apply to work done in the office.

4. Communication

Employees are to be online and accessible for 8 hours, Monday to Friday. They are expected to check-in with their managers at least once a day.

Any correspondence from a co-worker or client must be answered as quickly as possible.

Tools have been provided for communicating with team members and collaborating on projects. Meetings will be scheduled for at least once a week. Times are to be discussed and agreed upon between the employee and the manager.

5. Safety

Employees are advised to choose a safe and secure location to work from and to maintain high levels of safety.

6. Security

As per the Employee Handbook and the confidentiality agreement signed or acknowledged by the employee upon employment, securing data and company information should be of utmost concern. Any breaches in security protocol will lead to strict and swift disciplinary action.

7. Compensation

No changes will be made to an employee’s salary if said employee works from home, full time. Salaries will increase according to company policy and successful performance reviews. Employees working remotely remain eligible for promotion and skills development programs.

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