Chrono is a process automation tool that frees people’s time from repetitive tasks, with its 1-click record & play features.

To record, simply press the record button on the top right of Chrono dashboard, then go on to do your task, it will record your mouse clicks, scrolls & keystrokes. Press escape key (customizable, default “Esc”) to finish recording. In touch mode which can be enable/ disable in settings, with a touchscreen, touches are recorded instead.

To replay, simply select a process & press the play button, Chrono will re-perform your actions.

Chrono is capable of having multiple processes scheduled simultaneously, please avoid overlapping the execution times as only 1 process can be run at a time.

Processes are stored locally to protect user privacy.



Whether you use Ubuntu, macOS or Windows, there is always a Chrono for your platform. Download now to enjoy a 3-month free trial with up to 3 processes per user. 

Chrono for Ubuntu
Get Started with Chrono on Ubuntu
Chrono for macOS
Get Started with Chrono on macOS
Chrono for Windows
Get Started with Chrono on Windows

If you like Chrono, buy a premium license to enjoy uninterrupted experience, up to 15 processes per user & more exclusive features. Latest advanced features will always be available to premium users first.

Given that both are premium-licensed, you and anyone using your Chrono-associated email as referrer during registration can each earn 1-month cumulative license extension.

We want to hear from you, our dear users, feel free to ask us any question or tell us what you want in future iteration of Chrono.