Comparison between Chrono and Other Automation Tools in 2021

To respond to recent discussion regarding Chrono and other automation tools, we have put together a feature comparison table below for your reference. Sources have been cited in the References section. All mentioned names are amazing products in our opinion.

As you can see, Chrono is not perfect, but we continue to listen to our users for product iteration, with our mission in mind, which is to maximize people’s time by automating repetitive tasks so they can spend time with their family and friends, and be happy!

We at Cronumax love to bring brilliant ideas from users’ feedback to reality. Tell us what you want in future iteration of Chrono. You can contact us via email or phone (preferably WhatsApp). You can also find us on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and LinkedIn.

FeatureGhostMouseReMouse MicroReMouse StandardChrono
Record keystrokes
Record mouse actions
New, open and save script files
Speed control
Repeat (loop) playback
Repeat interval timer
Filter records action
Custom hotkeys
Custom action after playback
Support the command line
Task scheduler
Event trigger
Smart recording
Task manager
Touch input support
Modern UI
Dark theme
Parallel scheduling
Highly customizable scheduling
Windows support
macOS support
Ubuntu support
Parallel login session
Login session manager